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Upcomming Events

1st January - Liveset at Mtkvarze, Tbilisi

2nd February - Close Encounters Festival, Duo with Peter Conradin Zumthor at Moods, Zürich

8th February - Close Encounters Festival, Liveset at SENDER, Zürich

23th March (2019) - Arnold Schönbergzaal / Premiere: Piece for Residentie Orkest / The Hague

Past Events

16th June - Electriciteitsfabriek / The Hague

23th June - Living Room Music #7 / The Hague

13th July - Mountains of Tongues Festival, Tusheti, Georgia

22th July - Universo Assisi, Italy

28th July - Open Air Concert with the 'Zagareli & Strings' / Borjomi (Georgia)

24th August - Buchmesse Frankfurt with the 'Zagareli & String'

15th September - Beethovenfest Bonn, New Piece for Chamber Orchestra & Liveset

23th September - Chess Olympiad 2018, Piece for Electronics Orchestra at Black Sea Arena, Batumi

30th September - at 'Mtkvarze' / Close Encounters Festival / Tbilisi

2nd October - Tbilisi Conservatory Large Hall, Duo with Peter Conradin Zumthor

6th October - Liveset at Hassfest, COAF Smart Center, Armenia

12th October - Performance on ARTE TV